For delivery 22/05/21: Large Organic Vegetable Bag.


Pak Choi

6 leaf stir fry mix


Mini Plum tomatoes

Red Oak Lettuce


White Mushrooms


Each week we shall choose a selection of 7 different, seasonal, organic vegetables in larger quantities than the other bags, to deliver fresh to your door. Bags are available to order during the week prior for pre-sale so that we have time to harvest and work with our suppliers to minimise wastage (for delivery on 22/05/21). We try and grow as much of the produce as we can, with the rest of the produce sourced from other organic producers, with local ones given preference.

Large Organic Vegetable Bag Delivery 22/05/21

  • Photo is an illustration only, the contents of the bag will vary each week.

    Any allergies please email us to let us know.