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Half a Organic Free-Range Lamb. Our lambs are raised to the highest free-range, organic animal welfare standards. We don’t rush the growing process and cannot guarantee the end weight of the lamb. If a whole lamb is too much why not share with friends? Half lamb price £120, this includes butchery examples below.  Example of butchery options: Shoulder Bone in, Leg Left whole (they are very large), Chopped in to smaller roasting joints, including hock Loin. Just Chops, Chops & Loin Joint Chops, Loin Joint & ribs, boneless pieces. Offal (Kidneys, anything else can be requested)

Half an Organic Lamb

  • Any allergies please email us to let us know. Product will be supplied chilled in a mixture of vacuum bags and butchers bags to allow for freezing. 

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